• OPTIPRICE© Pricing Modules

    For day to day decision making, we developed and copyrighted a set of temp pricing modules. We provide an Excel version of this to our clients for quoting business to determine how to best price their services and see how to, optimize their bottom line. This, using the variables at their disposal, such as the number of temps, hours/week, mark-up, duration of assignment, bill rate, temp to hire conversion fees, etc. The module provides for multiple cases to see how one can make trade offs, such as reducing mark-up and increasing the numbers of temps on assignment.
  • OPTIPLAN© Profitability Algorithms

    For annual planning purposes, we developed and copyrighted a unique set of planning modules. We provide this as part of our consulting services to our clients in developing their profit plans and monitoring their performance against it. It allows us to weigh various strategic variables in building ones business. For temp this includes such items as the number of assignments received, fill ratio, duration of assignment, etc.
  • OPTICASH© Cash Flow Modules

    For longer term planning, we developed and copyrighted another set of modules which is used to determine cash flow. We provide this as part of our consulting services to our clients in developing their strategic plans. It allows us to determine the cash needed to breakeven, the time required for cash recovery, return rates and other key performance measures. Here again we can weigh select variables in building the business.
  • OPTICOMP© Annual Compensation Plans

    We develop compensation plans for your staff to determine "win-win" packages both to the company and the individual. We flex this plan so that it works under various economic assumptions. We typically use sliding incentive rate scales, to both control the payout for low producers and sufficiently reward high producers. No two plans are alike given existing pay plans, profitability and the marketplace.
  • OPTIEXIT© Buyout Plans

    We create external plans to maximize the value of your company as well as internal buyout plans for the key staff to buy the company out from future cash flow profits at fair market value and the staff inherits a viable entity. These plans are customized for each company depending on their special circumstances, providing a relatively secure exit strategy for the owners. This plan also acts as retention devise to hold onto key managers and producers. We typically structure this plan for the owners to retain a minority equity position so that they have a continuing dividend stream after the sale of their majority stake.
  • OPTISAVE© and OPTIVALUE© Client Profit Improvement Modules

    We develop a set of modules that quantify the hard dollar savings that you can bring to win prospects and retain clients alike. This package has an interactive Excel worksheet that feeds a PowerPoint presentation which is then provided to the customer. The worksheet not only determines both the savings you will deliver, but also the incremental profit you will receive. You will be able to set yourself apart form your competition who at best talks about generalities and qualitative improvements; rarely hard dollars. Provide a full menu of value added services for a new dimension to staffing; become a profit center not a cost center.
  • OPTIMARKET© Programs

    We can determine the size of any temp or contract metro market including a breakout of job classification within. From this we can determine your market share and areas for potential growth. We can also determine the compensation levels of various positions including salary ranges.
  • OPTIVIC© Programs

    This is a program that recognizes the importance of the people who we provide career opportunities. This whether we are on a temp/contract assignment, a temp to hire position, placed them as a direct hire position or worked with them to this end. It includes such services as: determining what people are worth, being their career resource, providing them with important information and coaching and perks.
  • OPTICONTRACT© Programs

    We customize contracts for clients, employees and contractors based on your objectives and provide the boiler plate language for staffing contracts based on designing numerous agreements. This is then passed by local legal counsel to make sure we are in conformance with state law.
  • OPTIADMIN© Programs

    We have developed an employee policies and procedure manual for training in all staffing areas from senior management and sales, to recruiting and finance. These manuals become the basis for customized on site training sessions.
  • OPTIMEDIATOR© Programs

    We routinely deal with and resolve a wide variety of interpersonal situations, from family matters and valuation to job duties and employee disputes. Based on our many years of experience we can often avoid litigation and resolve situations before they reach the critical stage when we are brought into before the matter becomes critical.
  • OPTIDATA© Key Operating Ratio Database

    Over the years we have developed a substantial database of performance standards that provide us with key operating ratios for each of the major staffing segments. We have extracted from this upper quartile, medians and lower quartile levels of performance. We track your company’s performance by person and by office. We provide you with appropriate standards to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your staff and the profits of your company. We generate a set of graphs from this database that allows us to see where we are trending.
  • Weekly Reports, Conversations and Meetings

    We communicate with you by phone, in person and via written reports. We discuss whatever is important to you and provide our thoughts and recommendations based on our experience and what we see happening. We determine if we are on track to accomplish our goals, or if not, what corrective action needs to be taken. We base this on conversations and meetings, the OPTIPLAN© budget vs. our actual performance, your key operating ratio database and graphs, the staffing marketplace and other important events. We are there for all aspects of your business.