It takes more than effort to be successful; it takes focus, motivation, state of the art management tools and experience. Optimal Management has all of these ingredients. We are with you for your big problems and your every day ones.

  • Maximizing Company Profit and Value

    We advise you where you should take your business to maximize its sales, profits and value. We provide you with a road map on how to get there. We not only develop a business strategy, but also the tactics you need to make it happen. We meet with you regularly on how things are going and give you written reports documenting what needs to be done. We determine which areas are going well and need to be reinforced vs. those areas that are not performing and need to be turned around. We develop a detailed program to accomplish these things and act as your guide through uncharted business waters. We address issues of leadership and advise you how to motivate your team. We are your partner and are with you every step of the way to help assure your success. We restructure your job to maximize your effectiveness. We teach you to use the proprietary tools that we have developed to optimize your performance.

    "We put you back in control of your business"
  • Crisis Management

    Staffing is a people business and therefore has more than its fair share of problems and crisis. We have been there and know both how to anticipate and defuse problems to resolve them before they get to the crisis stage. We have the perspective of someone not emotionally invested in the problem and who deals effectively with crisis. Whether it is a key client ready to pull his business, the discovery of a disloyal employee in your company, finding yourself in a cash crunch, a strong competitor opening up shop in your market, or a myriad of other problems, we advise you on the best course of action.

    "We are there with you to solve the problem"
  • Marketing

    We evaluate your sales and marketing efforts to determine if you are getting your fair market share and are on your way to accomplishing your game plan. We review everything from your fees and margins to your policies and procedures. We determine what you need to do to get job orders, if those orders are profitable and if you have the right mix of clients. We develop a marketing plan that makes sense for you around your business and core competencies see Innovative Concepts section. We will evaluate such things as: the tradeoff of price vs. volume and duration of assignments vs. fill ratio. We analyze your sales trends and performance ratios and tell you what you need to do to improve the situation.

    ”We will help you maximize your growth”
  • Operations

    We evaluate your staffing, recruiting and operations areas, with our productivity and efficiency benchmarks to maximize your profit see “Why Track Your Performance” article. We review everything from your recruiting techniques and conversion ratios to your employee manual. We determine if you are converting your job orders into placements and if your sales reps and staffing specialists are in sync. We are also financial professionals and will get your financial ratios in line to secure a new bank loan. We will write your business plan and represent you in dealing with your loan officer. We will set up a volume discount program and improve your credit and collection policies.

    "We will optimize your operations”
  • Win-Win Compensation Plans

    We develop comp plans that are right for you and that are motivating to your staff. We provide you with a program that has the best mix of base salary, flexible incentives, bonuses and perks, etc. We will enable you to retain your best producers over the long haul with our "golden handcuff" plans see “Making Your Staff Think Like an Owner” article. We test our plans under different scenarios to make sure they work under varied conditions. We typically add a healthy level of competition to further motivate the staff, while still maintaining a team environment.

    "We provide you with a “win-win" comp plan for your business and staff"
  • Exit Planning and Valuation

    Up to recently every ten years we went through a staffing cycle. Under the new normal economy this cycle has been broken and it will take a while for it to recover see “Navigating the Economic Lanscape” and “Resetting the Staffing Button” articles. The earlier you plan an exit strategy the better the results will be. There are many factors impacting value, including: sales volume, growth rate, profitability, your line of business, quality and retention of staff, diversification of client base, company reputation, having innovative concepts and a recognized brand name, etc. When one can't sell via the acquisition route one can sell via an internal buyout (please see OPTIEXIT© BUYOUT PLANS, under the Management Tools Section.
  • Expert Witness

    Michael Neidle has served as an expert witness in several cases involving staffing companies, drawing on his many years of experience in staffing in particular and industry in general. He has testified for the both the plaintiff and the defense. His areas of expertise has included: compensation issues, employee retention plans, company valuation, mergers and acquisitions, policies and procedures, trade secrets and confidentiality, value added services and intellectual property, employment issues, recruiting practices and methods, sales and marketing, administration and operations, prices and margins, employment agreements, staffing contracts, profitability and performance analysis, financial and accounting standards, employee performance analysis and other areas.