Staffing and Business Coaches
We act as coaches to staffing company owners/managers, providing best practices, proprietary tools and experience for all your staffing/business needs. We act as your quasi Board, CFO, marketing guru, compensation and M&A expert, etc. We know what it takes to be successful.
Management Consulting
Management consulting is an art and a science. The science is obtaining the knowledge you need to run a great shop. The art is translating that into results by communicating it to the people who must make thing happen.
Motivate People
People are motivated by many things, good mangers finds out what they are. Those motivated by money and investing their time to learn and utilize best practices are the ones you should want to retain in your company.
Increase Productivity
We breakdown what your sales and recruiting staff does into two basic part, productivity and efficiency. One needs to increase both areas via best practice, setting metric standards, and motivating your team to reach their highest potential.

Staffing Experts

Working in the staffing business for 20+ years we know how to solve most of the problems and identify and take advantage of the opportunities. We take into account all the unique circumstances our clients face before recommending a solution.

Timely Advice

The old adage is the early bird gets the worm. We believe in attention to detail, making the easy decisions quickly and analyzing complex problems promptly to make the best informed decision.

Identify Opportunities

In a dynamic world there are always more opportunities then you can take advantage of. If you are alert, listen to your prospects, clients, staff, are in touch with the leading minds and prioritize things you will be successful.

Maximize Sales

Maximizing sales is easy; making money takes skill. You can maximize sales by giving away the store and go bankrupt. We believe maximizing value, profits and sales in that order, but doing so takes lots of hard work and experience.

We advise staffing companies on finding opportunities and solving complex problems.

We coach owners and managers how to maximize their sales, profits and company value. We become an extension of our clients operations and are there for all of their staffing and business needs, including: sales, marketing, compensation plans, finance and accounting, M&A, exit plans, general management and everything in between.


Our Services

  • Coaching and General Management

    We advise you where you should take your business to maximize its sales, profits and value. We provide you with a road map on how to get there. We not only develop a business strategy, but also the tactics you need to make it happen. LEARN MORE
  • Crisis Management

    Staffing is a people business and therefore has more than its fair share of problems and crisis. We have been there and know both how to anticipate and defuse problems to resolve them before they get to the crisis stage. We have the perspective of someone not emotionally invested in the problem and who deals effectively with crisis. LEARN MORE
  • Marketing and Operations

    We evaluate your sales and marketing efforts to determine if you are getting your fair market share and are on your way to accomplishing your game plan. We review everything from your fees and margins to your policies and procedures. We determine what you need to do to get job orders, if those orders are profitable and if you have the right mix of clients. LEARN MORE

Preferred Partners

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Success Stories

  • As a small direct hire shop we were not growing or profitable. Optimal relocated us and got us into gets into LI. Sales rose to $10 million, we opened another office, became profitable and they engineered an internal buyout for us.
    [Learn More]
    R.M., President
  • OM helped us to grow to $12 million in full service O/S. When the recession they got us into IT, helped reorganized the company and created our own proprietary MSP/VMS to leverage our growth.
    [Learn More]
    C.S., CEO
  • As an old line LI business was got complacent with unprofitable office. Mike’s turned things around, tagged locations to be closed, used metrics to motivate our team, brought in a dynamic team to penetrate the $850 million IT market he targeted.
    [Learn More]
    R.O., CEO
  • We were in healthcare staffing 25 years, but within comfort zone. Optimal got us into 2 new allied HC areas and we doubled our size. We are now into social media and poised to enter new geographic markets. [Learn More]
    M.K., COO
  • Our F&A division grew via acquisition within a multi billion staffing company. But we now had multiple different comp plans. OM created uniform win-win comp plans tied to individual contribution for all locations and team members.
    [Learn More]
    S.M., Sr. VP
  • We had created our own intellectual property and wanted to expand but didn’t know if we had how to minimize cost. Mike’s proformas showed how to use our iP to demonstrate how we save our clients’ money and minimize our cash outlays.
    [Learn More]
    T.M., President