Management Tools

In today’s highly competitive and changing marketplace one needs to provide leading edge solutions or risk falling behind, losing market share, or having to provide their services at commodity prices. We call our leading edge solutions our OptiPlus© services , which are described in the highlighted areas below. We create these innovative concepts for our clients, customize them to their unique needs and integrate them within your organization.

Where we have to compete on price alone we do. This is called our OptiSelect© line of staffing services. We consider strategic, as well as practical reasons for taking low profit business, which may go beyond normal pricing parameters. This would include using loss leaders to break into a market, defensive strategies to retain our clients, as well as simple survival. We get your costs down so you can make money even at low margins. We do this through restructuring, cost containment, expense reduction and accounting modifications. Our proprietary pricing modules have proved very useful in this effort see OPTIPRICE©.

  • Innovation

    We learn about your company, your culture, your core competencies, and what makes you different. We address your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We then create innovative concepts that are needed to help you achieve your goals. We get your sales staff up to speed on these concepts who then deliver them to your prospects and clients. We then monitor your performance to make sure the program is being successfully executed.
  • The Value Wheel

    We create “win-win” programs for all of the stakeholders in your company: prospects and clients, professional staff, temps, temps to hire and perm candidates, see the Value Wheel. We can customize similar graphics for use with your clients.

    • Prospects and clients. Your professional staff brings you their dedication and skills. You provide them with a career and compensation of value for a “win-win” proposition with our marketing programs.
    • Professional staff. Your professional staff brings you their staffing requirements and problems. You provide them with the people and solutions of value for a “win-win” employment relationship with our compensation programs.
    • Temp and perm candidates. Your temp and perm candidates bring you their trust. You provide them with a job of value for a “win-win” arrangement with our staffing modules.
  • Intellectual Property

    The innovative concepts that we develop become your intellectual property (IP) which then set you apart from the competition. This in turn enables you to move away from commodity pricing. We help you copyright and trademark your IP and use the capability in your marketplace. We then brand your intellectual property whenever possible see “Branding Your Marketing Concepts” article.
  • Value Added Programs

    In today’s demanding business climate everyone is worried about their bottom line; see this is described in our “Increasing Your Clients Profits” article. To deal with this challenge, we have developed value added staffing programs that document the cost savings for prospects and clients that are tangible. This is a process not an event and takes time to take root but once created can then be packaged and copyrighted as the staffing company's intellectual property. To be successful one needs a consultative selling effort with top tier sales reps that can engage and win the respect of the client to uncover a client's pain point that is augmented with suggestions of what other clients have expressed. The staffing company then creates an inventory of its current capabilities which it adds to with new tools. We have developed modules that are extremely helpful in this regard as well. Please see OPTISAVE©, under the Management Tools Section.
  • Staffing Services Continuum

    One of our customized programs provides our clients with a tool we call our “staffing services continuum.” This program gets you involved with the key decision-makers in the broad spectrum of staffing services. You become not just a vendor, but a valued resource to your key clients throughout a continuous and seamless staffing cycle. You know and service your clients staffing needs because you helped to formulate them. These jobs don’t go out to bid, because only you can meet their needs, given the design specs that have been built in. This is in fact the way sophisticated suppliers work with their key clients, from defense contractors to systems integrators. Some of the elements that we have incorporated into this continuum include: strategic staffing assessment, profit improvement programs, customized reports, employee retention programs, training workshops, consulting, salary surveys, proprietary candidate screening matrix, pre-offer reference checks, performance guarantees, VOP program etc.
  • Project Solutions

    In some cases, we design project solution programs for our clients who would like to go beyond traditional staffing and provide a packaged service, with a much higher profit potential see “Project Solutions” article. In IT this includes delivering an updated version of a software product, or running a service center. In L/I it includes being responsible for running a production line or warehousing operation. In O/S it includes handling the mailroom or the back office. You take on greater risk and responsibilities and in turn one has the opportunity to move out of staffing and into project solutions. We help you learn the ropes and what you have to know to function in this environment.