Do You See Your Value?

In today’s highly competitive and changing marketplace one needs to provide leading edge solutions or risk falling behind, losing market share, or having to provide their services at commodity prices. At Optimal Management, we call our leading edge solutions our OptiPlus© services. One of the tools that we create is the Value Wheel.
The Value Wheel(C) Optimal Manangement
We create “win-win” programs for all of the stakeholders in your company: prospects and clients, professional staff, temps, temps to hire and perm candidates. We can customize similar graphics for use with your clients.
• Prospects and clients. Your professional staff brings you their dedication and skills. You provide them with a career and compensation of value for a “win-win” proposition with our marketing programs.
• Professional staff. Your professional staff brings you their staffing requirements and problems. You provide them with the people and solutions of value for a “win-win” employment relationship with our compensation programs.
• Temp and perm candidates. Your temp and perm candidates bring you their trust. You provide them with a job of value for a “win-win” arrangement with our staffing modules.
To learn more about the value wheel and other services offered by Optimal Management, please visit our website or give us a call at 650-655-2190.
Optimal Management is the premier management consulting company to the staffing industry. We act as mentors to owners and managers to maximize their sales, profits and value of their company. We become an extension of our clients operations and are there for all of their staffing and business needs, from sales, marketing and compensation plans, to finance, M&A, general management and everything in between.

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