Join Us at the 2014 CSP Invitational Staffing & Recruiting Conference

The 2014 CSP Invitational Staffing and Recruiting Conference:

June 11th -14th at the M Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada: open to all.

For more information about the seminar, visit the California Staffing Professionals website.

On June 12th and 13th join Michael Neidle, CEO & President of Optimal Management, Inc. and a frequent contributor to LinkedIn to lead sessions for staffing leaders. Hear him talk about how to Maximize the Growth & Value of Your Co/Mini MBA Program Overview and The Size of Your Local Market Niche – 2014.

June 12th

  • An all day session including: becoming a leader in your marketplace; differentiating your services; creating value added services; documenting how you can increase client profit; the use of metrics to maximize profits; creating win-win comp, tactical and strategic plan; control the MSP/VMS process; creating a guaranteed exit plan; dealing with crisis and much more. This will include a hands-on case study where the attendees will solve practical staffing problems using the tools demonstrated.


  • This session will provide estimates for key temp niches as requested by attendees, a review of the impact of 3D manufacturing (the next industrial revolution); other trends and how the economy will impact staffing and Q&A from audience.

The all day session will be an overview of a mini MBA certification intended to be offered later this year covering: management/leadership, finance and accounting for owners and mangers, marketing/recruiting management; crisis management, organizational development and support functions. Copyrighted profitability modules will be licensed in Post Graduate training courses. Program certification should enhance results and company market value.

Please feel free to reach out directly for more information at LinkedIn Michael Neidle or at the Optimal Management website.

Optimal Management & Michael Neidle:

  • Optimal Management has been in business 20 years serving all staffing sectors
  • Check out our ongoing series on “How Small and Mid Sized Companies Become Large”
  • Prior to OM, Sr. VP of Snelling and Exec VP of Hall Kinion Neidle (now part of K Force)
  • Sr. exec at Fortune 500 corps.(Phelps Dodge, Anacomp, DNC, Novartis, Crane)
  • CEO, CFO, Mkt. Res. Director, Director of Planning, Economist
  • Start up companies in: materials, transport and construction
  • MBA, Chemical Engineering degree. CUNY, Univ. of Bridgeport, Yale
  • 200+ speaking engagements, articles and 15 cover stories
  • On Good Morning America, quoted in the WSJ, LA Times, SI and the Hispanic Times
  • Colonel MS National Guard, built the lowest cost plant in the industry, patentable materials and processes
  • Made presentations at NYSE annual stockholders meetings
  • Worked in the IT, engineering, environmental, services, financial and manufacturing sectors


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