Part 15: How Small & Mid Sized Firms Grow

In this part of the series: “How Small and Mid Sized Firms Grow” we’ll be discussing how to win over prospects.

As noted in the last blog, a person’s first priority is to retain existing clients as that is far easier then  to look for and win over someone else’s clients. You are seeking to replace someone else who is not servicing a customer as well as you can. Your job is to get them to understand what they are missing by not doing business with you.

• Get the facts by meeting with them to find out what they are getting from your competition

• Try to replace them at a lower price, or as a loss leader with gaining other business at good prices

• Find out what they are not getting from their current vendor and be able to fill that void

• Provide benefits for doing business with you, i.e. discounts and customer appreciation perks

• With this information you can justify the higher price of your services

• Create a relationship with the decision maker who you would like to do business with

• Document how you will be a profit center via increased productivity, higher quality, etc.

• Provide value added services beyond the basic services they are getting now

• Become the best vendor out there, using all of the elements noted above

• Finally, ask for the business or what you have to do for this to happen

In our next blog, we will discuss Finding out who is after your clients before it is too late.

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