Part 89: Get Your Company Ready for Sale and Sell it at a Premium Price

Optimal Management, Inc. a leading edge management consulting firm to the staffing industry and DeBellas & Co. LLC, the leading M&A advisory firm focused on the staffing industry exclusively, have announced a new venture. Under this exclusive arrangement, Optimal will work to get acquisition candidates ready for sale at a premium price and turn them over to DeBellas, and both firms will work to create internal buyout and succession plan

Optimal has 22 years of staffing industry expertise in all phases of M&A, management, finance/accounting, sales/marketing, expansion, recruiting, cost reduction, employee comp and retention plans, crisis management, metrics and proprietary tools to maximize sales, profits and market value. Mike Neidle is President/CEO of Optimal and has helped well over a hundred staffing companies achieve success. He has been a staffing company owner and a senior executive at several Fortune 500 Co’s, national staffing firms and start-ups

Alfred F. DeBellas, Jr. is the President of DeBellas, which has been in business for over 30 years and has advised in some 200 deals, with a broad range of support activities including valuation, litigation support and financial advisory services. Al has worked at Goldman Sachs and two regional investment banking firms. He has served on the member firm advisory committee American Stock Exchange and as an Allied member of the New York Stock Exchanges. He has also taught investment banking at Rice University. DeBellas & Co has an extensive list of buyer contacts and long term substantive relationships in the Staffing and Staffing Related Industries

Both principals have MBA’s, Ivy League credentials, undergraduates from the City University of New York and an extensive list of speaking engagements, awards and articles. For further information contact Mike at 650-655-2190 and see and LinkedIn Michael Neidle. Al can be reached at (949) 540-9157 and and LinkedIn Alfred DeBellas

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