Part 90: The Growing Disconnect – How Small & Mid Sized Companies Grow

As the recent election process has demonstrated there is a growing disconnect and divide in the country. The old lines separating the two major parties by conservative and liberal ideologies has given way to the “have and have nots,” and the famous line in the 1976 movie Network, “I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore” seems rather prophetic, now a full 40 years later. Today, up to 40% of the workforce by some estimates are employed in part-time, or in whole by the Gig economy and 50% of the population could not come up with $400 if they had to and some 10% of these people work thru staffing firms. We may be approaching a breaking point where the have-nots have found their voice to the point where a national election may not be accepted by a substantial minority of the population. So what to do about this.

The real question is what do our leaders and society do about this ever increasing problem, which if it has not been ignored has at least been inadequately dealt with? From automation, transitioning to low cost offshore production and services, a growing trade imbalance, to an ever increasing fiscal deficit and political gridlock. Yet only 30% of the population have college degrees which tries to prepare them for inevitable and frequent change. So millions of people are as mad as hell and grasping at straws to change their fate. But too many people are not equipped for change, lack the skills for a job in a tech based economy, or are determined to remain in parts of the country where plant closures have devastated their way of life.

Staffing firms are helping out here by finding people full time jobs, getting others into the workforce as temps or contractors (some of whom may be converted to regular employees), preserving the jobs of others as payrolled employees and advising others to hone their skill to become more employable. But more is needed by others.

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