Seize the Moment!

Change is, of course, a constant and those that are attuned to changes and react to it quickly have a good chance to benefit from it versus getting left behind. Some of the ones we use in our consulting work include:

Identifying key events as opposed to many events which make it hard to isolate the ones that are really important. i.e. initial telemarketing and e-mail conversations instead of attempts, messages left and e-mail blasts
Measuring key indicators on a timeline so you can see if they are getting better or worse which is hard to do by looking at something as an event, i.e. are your return on sales rising and are they on par with your competitors vs. are they “acceptable”
What are your clients say about your services compared to your competitors? Are you using constructive criticism to your advantage and encouraging your staff to share the bad as well as the good news with you?

What strategies do you use to keep abreast of changes?
Optimal Management is the premier management consulting company to the staffing industry. We act as mentors to owners and managers to maximize their sales, profits and value of their company. We become an extension of our clients operations and are there for all of their staffing and business needs, from sales, marketing and compensation plans, to finance, M&A, general management and everything in between.

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