Why Small & Mid Sized Companies Become Large

Did you ever wonder why small companies want to grow? Large companies are a headache and have complex personnel, accounting and legal issues. But most people want to grow. Why? Having been a senior executive from start-ups to Fortune 500’s we have seen what it takes and why people give it their all to become a big fish.

Those who start companies want to run things and large egos. And for sure being large has its advantages, they: are able to attract more talented employees and advisors, can absorb the loss of key clients or employees, command a higher price upon sale, raise capital less expensively, use donations to their advantage, amortize fixed cost to increase profits, entertain to retain key clients, can fund investments and buy other companies, establish their brand name, enjoy both a nice life style and retirement and fail less often and survival is no easy chore as 37% fail in the first 4 years.

In the next installment we will get into the specifics of how does a small and mid sized company go about becoming large? Follow up blogs we will discuss the specifics of achieving success and growth.

We welcome your questions as to personal and business challenges you face in order to grow.

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